Our Story

Perfect Timing, Perfect Person

Our story started before we even knew it would have an ending. We met at a company that Vivian used to work at. Vivian was working at the front desk and Skylar basically was a regular client. Skylar would stop to flirt on his way in, thought Vivian never picked up on it. One day, Skylar called the company and asked Vivian out. Vivian respectfully declined, but for 4 years felt that was a terrible decision. After 4 years, Vivian got the guts to ask Skylar out. The rest is history.

Join us in September

September 17, 2016, one 15 Marina @ Sentosa Cove

Wedding Details

Perfect Timing, Perfect Person

The Vows

2:00p – 3:00p

Marina At Keppel Bay

Singapore, SG

The Party

4:00p – 12:00p

15 Marina at Sentosa Cove

Singapore, SG


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